About React Neon

React Neon is a library for adding post-processing style effects on a canvas layer to React components. It started out as a library to put a particle effect over some buttons in Decks, and grew to be a what it is now.

If you like Neon please star the repo on Github!

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Using Neon

There are a few different ways to use Neon, but the simplest is by following the Quick Start guide. There are examples of effects on Codepen.

If you want to talk about using Neon the Codepen chat room on Spectrum Chat is a good place to start, or ask a question on Stack Overflow. If you find a problem or a bug in the code then please raise an issue in the React Neon github repo.


Neon is open source and any community input would be great. How to contribute is detailed in the Contributions guide on Github.

In the Wild

Neon can be seen in use at;


If you're using Neon and want to be mentioned modify this page on Github and submit a PR, or add an issue.